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  • At Marlec Marine we hold a large quantity of fuel, oil, air filters in stock and can order most others. Below is a sample of the oil, air & fuel filters we keep in stock. A more thorough catalogue of filters will be available to view on this website shortly.
  • Racor filter
  • Marlec Marine Racor Filter
  • Betamarine oil filter
  • Marlec Marine Beta Marine Filter
  • Fram fuel filter
  • Marlec Marine Fram Filter

Marlec Marine Oil & Fuel Filters In Stock
Marlec Marine Oil & Fuel Filters In Stock
Marlec Marine Oil & Fuel Filters In Stock
Marlec Marine Oil & Fuel Filters In Stock
Marlec Marine Oil & Fuel Filters In Stock

The following oil and lube filters are currently in stock at Marlec Marine (Jan 13)

FRAM: C11863Z C3 CH2800 CH801PL CH816PL CH834PL1 CH836PL1 CH837PL CH845PL CH848PL CH850PL CH851PL CH869PL1 CH930PL P2808 P3726 PH13 PH2801 PH2824 PH2846B PH2849 PH2854 PH2874 PH2879 PH2953A PH2954 PH2958 PH2991 PH2992 PH3562 PH3569 PH3589 PH3950 PH422A1 PH42A PH4482 PH4722 PH4751 PH4883 PH4908 PH5190 PH5443 PH5472 PH5491 PH5577A PH966B

FLEETGUARD: LF3315 LF3316 LF3326 LF3331 LF3369 LF3400 LF3460 LF3464 LF3595 LF3615 LF3715 LF3935 LF3972 LF4154 LF678 LF699 LF700 LF708 LF777 LF787

Other Makes: ALCO SP918 CH3009 Champion C116 Crossland 307 Cummins 3889310 Cummins 3889311 Kohler 5205002 Lister 29140910 Lister 35231720 Lister Petter 340672 Lister Petter 35231720 Lister Petter 363722 Micro T7132 Perkins 26540154 Petter 2259015 Petter 258089 Petter 332843 Petter 340672 Petter 423289185 Purolator MF622 Solid S102001

Some of the above filters will cross over to: LF3624 LF670 LF777 LF3369 AF4020 PH2975 LF633 LF599 LF594 LF653 LF3335 LF3338 LF3714 LF3451 HF6352 LF798 LF3307 LF3643 LF3443 LF4016 861476 859746

The following fuel filters are currently in stock at Marlec Marine (Jan 13)

Fleetguard: FF105 FF105C FF105D FF144 FF145 FF147 FF213 FF4011 FF4036 FF5021 FF5039 FF5052 FF5079 FF5091 FF5114 FF5156 FF5285 FF5488

Crossover 3315847 C11861PL P5770 P4102

FRAM: C11846PL C11931PL C11941PL CH2841 P5173 P5770

Crossover FF144 FF4011 FF4012 LF567 FF5229 FF5052 FF4102

Other Makes: AC Delco X48A ALUP 17201406 Baldwin PF10CS CAT 1P2299 CAT 1R0714 Crosland 455 Cummins 3315844 DAF 0247138 Donaldson P553004 Fuel Manager 31873 Lister Petter 344489 Lister Petter P393204 Lombardini 500217519 MP Filtri CS100P10A Nafta Ducati FC35508K2 Parker Hannifin MX1518410 Perkins 26561118 Prime Parts 901248 Prime Parts 901249

Crossover FF246 LF3328 FF105 PF4070 FF5018 FS19517 CH5153 HF6177 FF5156 FS19832 FS19811

Other Filters & Elements & Seperators

Baldwin B161-5 Baldwin BF940 Bosch 1457434154 Coopers Z93 Fleetguard FS1247 Fleetguard FS20102 Fleetguard FS20202 Fleetguard FS20403 Fleetguard LF700 Fram C5582 Fram P4102 Honda 17682-ZG3-003 Kubota 11460-11180 Kubota 68701-62192 Kubota HH150-32430 Lister 352-31720 Lister Petter 361945 Lister Petter 393204 Lister Petter 393204 Lister Petter P201-55370 Mitsubishi MM435190 Motorcraft EFL344 Nannidiesel 493150 Neusen 1000003042 Petter 2/259015 Petter 258089 Petter 33843 Peugeot 169.59 Purolator MF58A Quicksilver 35-866340Q02 Quicksilver 35-866340Q03 Racor 53227 Racor R15P Ruggerini ? Ruggerini ? Ruggerini 175.19 Ruggerini 175.24 Sierra 18-7876 Vetus Diesel OC99 Vetus RTBAF100 Yanmar 101720-55711 Yanmar 104300-55790 Yanmar 104500-55790 Yanmar 114250-55121 Yanmar 119305-35150 Yanmar 119305-35151 Yanmar 121857-55710 Yanmar 124220-35210 Yanmar 127695-35150 Yanmar 129470-12330 Yanmar Fuel ? Yanmar GA70-80

Cross Overs & Notes on Compatibility

x FF42003 FF5226 KX36 FF42000 FF5018 x Yes R26P Yes Racor 2010TM Yes Racor 2020TM Yes Racor 2040PM FF5287 FF42000 FF5018 FF5102 x M321 F43 x HF7929 LF3925 LF566 x x x FF5711 x x x JE64A/6A VPK81/6 x x FF144 x x x FS19824 RD200 RD270 RF80-140 FF5040 LF3826 x LF3624 x R4B4 x x x LF3925 1GM 2GM LF3692 FF5160 x 2QM 3QM LF4017 PK26